Answering your questions

Principle of development

A housing area report jointly commissioned by Surrey Heath, Rushmore and Hart councils concluded in November 2016 that Surrey Heath needs approximately 382 new homes per year to meet its housing need.

Fairoaks Garden Village is capable of delivering the infrastructure and community facilities that might not be available with multiple smaller schemes across the borough, such as a school, shops and employment spaces. Our proposals will also include improvements to the local transport network, an issue we recognise is critical to the local community.

Fairoaks has been planned as a well-connected, mixed and balanced village community that will: protect and create 1,000 jobs across a variety of employment types; provide a wide range of homes to suit different needs and incomes; offer the opportunity for local governance; deliver a new primary school, all set within a rich green landscape.

What has been proposed?

The owners of Fairoaks are proposing a Garden Village of 1,000 homes, businesses, community facilities and parkland. The proposals are still being discussed and consulted on, and no planning application has been submitted yet.

The organisations involved are properly regulated and comply with all their relevant legal and tax obligations. They are proud of their excellent reputation in the market and are committed investors in UK real estate.

Fairoaks Garden Village Ltd is a UK incorporated company. It is currently jointly owned by Albemarle Fairoaks Airport Limited (“AFAL”), TEREF ADP Fairoaks Ltd and Fairoaks Investment Limited (FIL Ltd).

AFAL is owned by over 30 UK resident individual shareholders. TEREF ADP Fairoaks Limited is a Jersey-registered company owned jointly by an affiliate of Westcore Europe LLC (“Westcore”) and Tyndaris European Real Estate Finance S.A. (“TEREF”). Westcore is a commercial real estate investment and management company. TEREF is a regulated investment fund that invests in real estate transactions in the UK and across Europe. Fairoaks Investment Limited (FIL Ltd) is a Jersey registered company.

Fairoaks currently hosts around 65 businesses on site. The current airport is not economically sustainable. Less than a quarter of these are directly related to runway operations. Businesses, unrelated to fixed wing aircraft requiring an airfield runway, will be encouraged to stay onsite in new office/industrial accommodation.

Around 1,000 jobs will be safeguarded and created for the area.

Planning process

The Government called on local authorities to submit sites for potential garden villages in March 2016. Surrey Heath Borough Council, supported by the owners of Fairoaks, submitted an expression of interest in July 2016.

Ultimately Fairoaks was not included in this round of garden village applicants. However, the plans continue to be designed in line with garden village principles. The garden village prospectus produced by the government can be found here.

Locally-led garden villages, towns and cities

In February 2017, the owners held a Community Planning Weekend (CPW), organised by architectural and master-planning firms JTP and Oxford Architects (OA). The purpose of this was to engage with the community and hear first-hand about their experiences, aspirations and concerns. The CPW included participatory workshops, discussion sessions and a public exhibition. The event was advertised with 10,000 flyers and adverts in Woking News & Mail, the Surrey Advertiser and Facebook. Approximately 300 people attended over the two days.

The Community Planning Weekend (CPW) highlighted several issues that have been addressed and we have changed our plans as a result. Concerns were raised about traffic congestion, social infrastructure, including schools and healthcare facilities, and employment land.

We have listened to community feedback and issues raised have been considered in detail following the CPW, measures to address these are being developed as part of the planning process.

Plans for the site have adapted, grown and changed since we spoke to the community last year. We have considered feedback received and now want to hear from the community again on our new plans.

Once we have heard all further feedback and considered this accordingly, we anticipate submitting a planning application in Spring 2018. We encourage local people to give us their views for the site so that all can be considered going forward.

Any application for the site will have to follow the normal planning process including demonstrating Very Special Circumstances due to the site’s existing green belt designation. The application will be determined by Surrey Heath Borough Council.

Infrastructure, services and flooding

We know that local roads are under a lot pressure, which is why we will now be providing new access to the A320 in the south and the A319 to the north, enabling greater connectivity for the local area and bringing relief to the wider highway network. A Garden Village development at Fairoaks would also improve pedestrian and cycle connections, incorporate smart logistics to reduce deliveries, provide on-site car clubs for sharing and access to vehicles, and other smart transport systems. Appropriate and fair transport assessments will be made.

We aim to design Fairoaks as a Garden Village that is distinct and separate, yet also networked with the neighbouring villages of Chobham and Ottershaw, and include new facilities complementing those in the neighbouring villages. We will improve the wider network of footpaths, cycleways and bridleways to enhance connectivity between communities.

As part of the delivery of Fairoaks Garden Village, a new primary school will be built. We will also provide a comprehensive range of other social, retail and recreational facilities for the community. As the consultation continues we look forward to hearing your views on other infrastructure you believe should be included.

We aim to retain and enhance existing landscape features and ecological habitats and create a strong green/blue infrastructure network that incorporates the flood zone, linking both through the site and connecting to the wider green infrastructure network. 191 acres of green space will be maintained and we will create a bespoke SANG area (55 ha/137 acres) with a distinctive landscape character that provides an inviting setting and responds to the site’s context. We will also provide public open space for a diverse range of opportunities for formal and informal recreation and food production, whilst contributing to the overall landscape character.

Sustainable drainage systems are going to be put in place that will reduce the risk of flooding. With attenuation and other measures, the run-off rate from the development will be less than the existing greenfield runoff rates, and the system will be able to cope with a one in a hundred year rainfall event plus 40 per cent to take account of global warming. These will incorporate grey water recycling and other water reduction/capture methods.

A full Construction Management Plan will be carefully thought out and delivered, with careful consideration for the community.

We will be consulting with the community further over issues of noise, construction traffic and phasing, as we recognise the problems these might cause if the plans are not correctly thought through. Sewage and utilities on site need to be properly planned during the coming months, as well as remedial solutions to flooding. We will continue to discuss this with the local community throughout the consultation process. The planning application will include a Construction Management Plan which will be agreed with the council and will include parameters such as hours of operation, construction traffic routes, etc.


We realise that there is a housing crisis in this country and it is becoming more difficult to own a home due to high prices. We want to provide an extensive range of financially accessible accommodation of various types and tenures.

As set out in Surrey Heath Borough Council’s Local Plan, "the Borough Council will seek a target of 35% of all net additional housing as affordable, split evenly between social rented and intermediate". As such, the affordable homes on site will be priced in line with the Government’s definition of ‘affordable homes’, which is set out in the link below:

National Planning Policy Framework