Our principles

Our guiding principles ensure we create a sustainable community with true village character that offers employment opportunities and sustainable transport options in surroundings that both complement and enhance Fairoaks natural landscape.

Fairoaks and its context


Relationship to surrounding towns

Design Fairoaks as a Garden Village distinct and separate from, yet also networked with, the neighbouring villages of Chobham and Ottershaw, including new facilities complementing those in the neighbouring villages.

Movement and transport

Plan Fairoaks to minimise the need to use a car, encourage walking and cycling within and around the village and develop sustainable travel options, in particular to Chobham, Ottershaw, Woking, and potentially other local settlements, in order to easily access the higher order facilities, services, large employers, and major road / rail links in the area.

The landscape setting


Landscape fit

Interpret the landscape context within a layout and design for the site which fits well within the landscape, draws on the existing mosaic of heathland, woodland, farmland and helps integrate the development into its surroundings.

Green / blue infrastructure and linkage

Retain and enhance existing landscape features, ecological habitats, and create a strong green/blue infrastructure network which incorporates the flood zone, linking both through the site and connecting to the wider green infrastructure network.

Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)

Create a bespoke SANG environment with a distinctive landscape character that provides an inviting setting and responds to the site’s context.

Public Open Space

Provide Public Open Space for a diverse range of opportunities for formal and informal recreation and food production, whilst contributing to the overall landscape character.


Design the architectural character of the new development to create a unique, distinctive, and recognisable identity for Fairoaks as well as providing areas of different character within it.

An enterprising community


Community life

Foster a strong, flourishing community spirit by providing key community infrastructure such as a community hub, club house, allotments, shops and cafés, etc. to encourage informal social interaction and on-going participation in community activities. Include community ownership and structures for governance, management and stewardship to foster a cohesive and active community.

Supporting enterprise and the local economy

Create a self-sustaining business environment that builds on the variety of existing companies already contributing to the local economy, generating new employment opportunities and enterprises. Home working should be embraced and could be supported by the provision of a work hub to support local businesses, and the provision of suitable employment space to provide opportunities for the on-site population.

Live and work at Fairoaks

Enable new residents to both live and work at Fairoaks, and reduce the need for people to travel to other locations, through the creation of community facilities and employment opportunities.

Delivery and management


Community Governance

Establish a village management body at outline planning stage, e.g. a Trust and Management Company, to manage and maintain community assets and infrastructure, including opportunities for community ownership. Use innovative methods, exploring a mixture of legal planning ownership mechanisms to generate income streams to support self-sufficiency and governance of the community, for the benefit of the community and to foster community life.

The delivery process

Consider phasing and delivery at an early stage to ensure key features are positioned where they will best serve the new community as it is born and grows over time. Consider the opportunity for public/private partnership to assist in the delivery and management process.

Marketing Fairoaks

Consider the future promotion and marketing of Fairoaks as a living, working village. The embedded village objectives are to create a sustainable community that will benefit from innovation and technology across all aspects of living at Fairoaks.