Like a traditional English village, the new community at Fairoaks Garden Village won’t just be about houses. Fairoaks Airport is already home to over 60 businesses covering industries from right across the board – not just aviation. We hope that these businesses will choose to stay on in brand new accommodation fit for the 21st century.


Community benefits

Around this existing business community, we are proposing a range of homes, from one-bed apartments to five-bedroom houses, and everything in between. The community will benefit from its own facilities such as a local shop, primary school, sports pitches and large parkland.


Encouraging home ownership

In a survey of local residents last June, 56% of people felt that there was a need for new homes in the area. Just over two-thirds of respondents who did not currently own their own home said that they would like to own their own home locally. The main factors preventing them were the fact that housing was too expensive, or that they were unable to get a deposit together. Fairoaks Garden Village would help these people take their first steps into home ownership.


56% of local people surveyed felt there was a need for new homes in the area

Telephone survey of 1,000 local households 2017


  • Utilise innovative approaches to land ownership, land value capture, delivery, governance, housing, technology, building and design
  • Provide a comprehensive range of social, educational, retail and recreational facilities for the community
  • Focus the community on employment so that it becomes relatively independent economically and does not become just a pretty, dormitory settlement, or a retirement village for the affluent
  • Be linked to the outside by electronic technology and sustainable transport
  • Provide a range of employment opportunities (including existing businesses) for the on-site population, thereby minimising commuting
  • Be largely self-sufficient in domestic energy production
  • Provide a full range of financially accessible accommodation for the working population by using self/custom-build, tithe housing linked to onsite employers, and public-sector provision of social rented and starter homes, with some market provision
  • Deliver and maintain a natural and built environment that is visually and functionally of very high quality
  • Encourage food production in both private and public spaces
  • Meaningfully involve the Fairoaks community in the site’s design, development and running